You have to see it before you see it

You have to see it before you see it

SHE RAN OUT THE DOOR AT FULL SPEED! She should be in the Olympics! Our daughter Lauren was at the pediatrician’s office for a regular visit, which included a round of shots. These were the regular immunizations required for school, important and preventative. When the nurse announced that it was time for the shots, Lauren got nervous. Her heart rate went up. She started sweating. Fear set in. What happened next was incredible. As the nurse opened the door to bring in the tray with the pre-loaded needles, Lauren saw her chance and ran out of the room. It was a like a jailbreak. She didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t care where she was going. Anywhere was better than in that room with that nurse. She ran down the hall, around the office, and through the waiting room. My daughter ran away that day because she didn’t know what I knew. She had no idea that those shots, though momentarily painful, were necessary. She couldn’t see with my parent perspective, which understood that the shots would keep her from getting sick. She missed the big picture.

Don’t we do that with our Heavenly Father? We run out of the room because we cannot see from His perspective.

We don’t always see our situation from heaven’s side. On one occasion, the prophet Daniel prayed for more than 21 days, and he felt God wasn’t listening and didn’t care about his pleas. Then an angel appeared to Daniel saying that God had heard Daniel’s prayers on the first day and had sent an answer. However, the answer was delayed by a battle in the heavenly realm. (See Daniel 10.) If I had been Daniel and viewing the situation with my human perspective, I might have thought God had forgotten me. But God works for us in the physical and spiritual realms. Many times He is working even when we cannot see it. We must see beyond what our natural eyes tell us, we must learn to see with the eyes of faith. A faith perspective is a God perspective. When we get a perspective like God’s, we will be ready for our future.

So stay in the room and trust Him. Don’t run for the door, because when you run from God, you are running away from your healer, your provider, and your protector. Whatever is happening in your life, His perspective is always best and you can believe that He wants only the best for you.

Pastor Garrett Booth, Grace Church Houston

This post is derived from Garrett Booth’s book Today and Tomorrow  which helps the reader begin today to embrace God’s tomorrow. To view a video message by Pastor Garrett or to purchase the book visit



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