As believers, it would be challenging to refute the idea that indicates we are supposed to be extreme examples to the world. This example should span all areas of life: spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial. The concept of example is the idea of inspiration and motivation. Basically, we should be a model that the world would want to emulate. Of course, this model is engineered after the image of God himself, who empowers us by the presence of the Holy Spirit through our relationship with him.

The question at hand then is this: are we truly examples in all of the aforementioned areas? In one of mine and Dr. Michele’s area of gifting and mission, we have observed a staggering trend in one particular area – that area being the physical area. Unfortunately, this is not been a good trend. We have seen common disease conditions becoming increasingly common in the body of Christ. Bluntly speaking, there appears to be a darkness and deception in this area, perhaps believing it is not so. This may be a seemingly strong statement, but let’s explore a wonderful example in God’s word.

This leads us to our focal passage at hand, which is found in Daniel 1:8, “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine…”. Let’s focus on the idea and concept of “resolve.” According to Strong’s concordance, the word originally could be stated as “purposed.” This further elicits the ideas of commitment or determination. Where did this resolve in Daniel originate? To assist in garnering this answer, we must understand the story. Daniel was basically kidnapped from his homeland and taken to a foreign land, in this case Babylon. The Babylonian king’s purpose was to retrain and brainwash the captives in culture, language, and belief. The goal was to transform the captives into servants of his kingdom. It is apparent Daniel went through extensive training prior to his opportunity to display his resolve. You see, resolve doesn’t occur until it has been practiced. It must have been practiced a lot based upon Daniel’s ability to stand up to the culture in a foreign land. What a stance he took! His stance was secure and firm. He did not want to destroy his body. He truly believed his body was the temple of the Holy Spirit, rather than something that was irrelevant in regard to his kingdom purpose.

To be continued…

Mark Serwood is an ex-professional baseball player, motivational speaker and evangelist, whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide. He and his wife Michele speak all over the world to corporations, organizations, wellness professionals, and churches with an emphasis on living in health and receipt of healing. For more information visit

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