You know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say. Daniel negotiated with the foreign king and was able to eventually transform the entire kingdom into a more healthy lifestyle. Notice, this was not a fast, as is commonly practiced today. This was an entire lifestyle, based on the consumption of healthier foods, with a heavy focus on vegetables. Please understand too, that Daniel began to understand and interpret dreams AFTER he made his initial decision to be resolved. Would he have interpreted dreams if his body had been defiled? We don’t know. We only know this is the order of the way things are written in God‘s word. Order is important. God is an ordered God, not chaotic and unpredictable. Do we want to see dreams and interpret them? Do we want more of God? Perhaps, we should consider our willingness to be resolved.

Resolve actually grows in the heart, is practiced and rehearsed in the mind, and is reaffirmed again in the heart. What am I talking about? I’m talking about renewal of the mind, which must take place day by day, moment by moment, and even second by second. The mind must be constantly renewed. It is renewed by what we hear, what we see, what we do, and what we say. All of these things matter. None can be left out. It requires the ultimate in vigilance and diligence. Daniel had all of these working in perfect order. Without giving attention to all of these areas, Daniel could not have been resolved, nor can we.

In today’s world, the Christian must learn to be resolved. This entails paying attention to every area of our lives. How can we be healthy spiritually if we don’t read and hear God’s word? How can we be healthy financially if we withhold tithes and gifts? How can we be healthy physically if we repeatedly ingest foods that we know cause disease? It is fairly obvious that we have a relatively good grasp on every area except one – that being the physical.

We must become resolved, like Daniel, not to defile our bodies. Why would we defile something that we do not own? Something God created especially for us? Why the deception in this area?

To be continued…

Mark Serwood is an ex-professional baseball player, motivational speaker and evangelist, whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide. He and his wife Michele speak all over the world to corporations, organizations, wellness professionals, and churches with an emphasis on living in health and receipt of healing. For more information visit


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