The deception in this area stems directly from the father of lies. He has told us that a little bit won’t hurt us. Friend, a little bit of sugar, artificial sweeteners, bread, grains, processed foods, MSG, and soda has grown into a routine pattern of ingestion in America’s society, and grievously, almost unbelievably, in the Church. Sadly, we may have unintentionally became a leader in this area. Unknowingly, we have used these type of disease agents as a bait to bring people to church as well as a pacifier to keep them there. How can we be resolved when we are supporting the creation of these disease processes. How can we repeatedly eat things that cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease, for examples, and try to pray them away? Once we have an awareness of our repeated choices, can we ask God to take away the consequences? I think not. Our choices have real and tangible consequences. Let us not live in perpetual guilt, but let us live in the awareness of reasonable consequences for intentional behaviors. We have to eradicate the deceptive root of our behavior.

We do need to take a stand, just like Daniel. We realize the culture, just like in Daniel’s day, supports the consumption of things that destroy our body, mind, and everything about us. Though this blog focuses on this area of deception – the consumption of non-foods (as described above), we are all aware of many other areas where Satan‘s schemes can trip us up.

It is time for resolve. It is time to be the change agent for a sick culture driven by our lifestyle choices.  Do you have the courage of Daniel? If you say “YES”, it is time to stand up today. Not tomorrow, but today. Do not wait until tomorrow to do what you must do today. We need leaders to actually be leaders. Do not fear the consequences of deciding to be resolved in the area of lifestyle driven choices that induce chronic disease conditions.  Remember, it is God who empowers you to stand, and it is the same God that will provide everything you need to take that stand.

Mark Serwood is an ex-professional baseball player, motivational speaker and evangelist, whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide. He and his wife Michele speak all over the world to corporations, organizations, wellness professionals, and churches with an emphasis on living in health and receipt of healing. For more information visit



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