How To Organize Your Life

How To Organize Your Life

The secret of your success is your ability to organize. A disorganized life is disastrous!  Your family, your marriage, your career, your ministry, your finances all suffer.  You keep trying to get ahead but your lack of organization is keeping you mediocre. I’m not the most organized person in the world.


1)    Organization starts with INVENTORY.

  • Counting is critical. It gives you an accurate picture.  Whether it is time, money, possessions, or relationships, you have to know what you HAVE.
  • Jesus asked His disciples, “How many loaves do you have?” He ultimately fed five thousand men but it all started with an accurate INVENTORY.

2)    Organization is about ELIMINATION.

  • We all have too much JUNK. We cannot open a closet or garage door for fear we will be buried by an avalanche!
  • You could throw away half of the things in your closet, attic, and garage and never miss it. Organization is simplification.

3)    Organization is about GROUPING.

  • Jesus sat the men down in “groups of fifty and a hundred” before He fed the 5000. He grouped by gender and number.
  • When you can successfully assign each thing in your life to a group, you have begun to organize! Put each type of tool in a certain drawer.  Put all similar activities on the same day.
  • When you group, you grow. Grouping your money into categories is a “budget.”  Grouping your time is a “calendar.”  Grouping your storage shed is a MIRACLE!

4)    Organization is about EFFICIENCY.

  • When we are disorganized, we waste. The secret of organization, then, is to “eliminate waste.”  You organize your time when you stop wasting your time.  You organize your money when you stop wasting your money.
  • Jesus told His disciples to “gather up everything that is left over, that nothing be wasted.” They gathered twelve baskets of bread and fish.
  • I knew a contractor who could build an entire house and not have enough scraps to build a fire. His secret of success was in his efficiency.

5)    Organization is about SYSTEMS.

  • The greatest pastors are those who develop a “system” for their members to mature in Christ. The greatest companies are those who tweak their system so that anyone can franchise it.
  • Find YOUR system. Everybody’s different.  What system works for you?  It doesn’t have to match mine.  If it works for you and it is systematic, keep doing it.  If your system is broken, unproductive, and aggravating, for heaven sake, CHANGE IT!

If you use these five things (inventory, elimination,  grouping, efficiency, and systems), you will become organized.  People will notice your “order.”  They will invite you to help them organize.  That’s called a promotion.

Larry was Senior Pastor at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge for 30 years. He now travels around the world speaking to ministry leaders.  Larry is currently the Executive Director of Surge Project, a worldwide church-planting movement that has planted over 25,000 new churches since it started in 2000.



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