Choice #7: Choose to make every person I meet and every place I go better because of Christ in me – Part 2

Choice #7: Choose to make every person I meet and every place I go better because of Christ in me – Part 2

Next, this woman decided the church really needed some buses to pick up children for Sunday school – and she wasn’t going to just wish for it to happen. So, she herded her kids together, hobbled to the car with them and drove off to a local commercial transportation company.

The company owner looked out the window as she drove up, seeing her painfully step out of her car and walk into his office. He listened as she plainly put her request to the dispatcher on duty. Of course, the dispatcher was stunned at the audacity of this mother. Lend out our buses for Sunday school duty? No, there’s no way we could do that, ma’am.

The dispatcher was certainly logical. There would be insurance coverage to consider, the overtime pay for drivers working on Sundays, and of course the gas, oil and maintenance for the buses themselves. But instead of slinking out of the office defeated, the woman instead politely asked to speak to the boss.

Of course, the owner had been listening to the conversation. Though he felt compassion for the woman, he came in and firmly repeated all the reasons this just could not happen. Undeterred, this Sunday school dreamer passionately told him how the buses could have a huge, positive impact on the lives of children who would hear the gospel.

About then, a driver who had walked into the office and heard the exchange offered to volunteer his time to drive – if the owner made a bus available. More conversation followed, but eventually – reluctantly – the owner found himself agreeing. OK, one volunteer driver, one bus, no big deal, he probably thought.

Neither this woman nor God was through yet, however. That volunteer driver’s life was so touched by the experience of taking eager children to Sunday school that first weekend that he excitedly talked about the experience with other drivers. Within a few months, that woman’s church was packed with kids learning about the Lord – and by then, half a dozen buses and drivers had been added to the church’s Sunday school fleet!

One willing leader – despite her physical, economic and social handicaps – had chosen to make every person and every place better because of Christ.

Pause right now and say with me, “I choose to make every person I meet and every place I go better because of Christ in me.”

Stu Johnson is the Executive Administrator for Grace International Churches and Ministries, Inc. Stu has extensive ministry experience as a conference speaker, youth pastor, college and career pastor, associate pastor, senior pastor, and district superintendent.  He was also an Air Force officer for 30 years, retiring in 1999 as a Colonel.  He has led organizations of 5 to 6,000 people.  He has been married to Debbe for over 48 years and has 2 children, Andrew, a Vice Principal and Lisa, a medical doctor.


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